Planning application at 55 Betts Road, Camp Mountain QLD 4520

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Darren Grimwade
Bernie Cramsie.
Planning application at 55 Betts Road, Camp Mountain QLD 4520
July 9, 2018, 10:28 a.m.
As the owner of the site I understand that there is some concern as to the disturbance of the vegetation at the proposed placement site of the tower. I would be happy to show any interested member of the council the site as the vegetation comprises large amounts of introduced species such as a heavy infestation of Lantana and foreign grasses which need to be eradicated. The canopy above has several non indigenous trees which have no benefit to the area. While being mindful of the absolute need for caution in disturbing any native flora the small area required the area described (144 square metres) in my opinion will have little or no effect on any significant species.

From Bernie Cramsie. to local councillor Darren Grimwade


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Planning Application for 55 Betts Road, Camp Mountain QLD 4520

Description: Material Change of Use - Development Permit for Telecommunications Facility

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