Planning application at 55 Caves Beach Road, Caves Beach NSW 2281

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Kay Fraser
Debra Dalton
Planning application at 55 Caves Beach Road, Caves Beach NSW 2281
Aug. 31, 2017, 2:18 a.m.
It's disappointing to note that LMCC has approved another DA at 55 Caves Beach Road, Caves Beach allowing one lot to be amended to 30 lots for strata units without any community consultation and adding to the excessive amount of dwellings to be built on this site, being in excess of 200, whilst at the same time stating there will be no environmental impact on the area.

What about the increased amount of people and traffic to the area, the drain on water and sewerage services and the loss of enjoyment of our peaceful beach side suburb for current residents?

No doubt this is a windfall for the council when they collect all the extra rates from these new residences, one can only hope that they consider reducing rates for us all in light of this policy that is approving medium/high density DAs throughout LMCC area.

Bring on the next council election I say and anyone running who is against further development will definitely get my vote

From Debra Dalton to local councillor Kay Fraser


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Planning Application for 55 Caves Beach Road, Caves Beach NSW 2281

Description: 1 into 30 Lot Strata Subdivision - Amendment

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