Planning application at 57-61 Swan St Richmond VIC 3121

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Mi-Lin Chen Yi Mei
Robert Lee
Planning application at 57-61 Swan St Richmond VIC 3121
July 29, 2017, 11:02 a.m.
Robert Lee wrote to local councillor Daniel Nguyen less than a minute ago

I wish to (again) object to this application.
This PUB has applied to increase "patron" numbers, many times, and has repeatedly requested INCREASE of opening hours. To increase the "patron" numbers from 750 to 1300 is an INCREASE of FIVE HUNDRED AND FIFTY PEOPLE!!!
Q: Where do they park? Assume 2 per car. (Public transport does NOT go until 3am!)
That equates to: TWO HUNDRED AND SEVENTY FIVE cars trying to find a park!
Q: To council: How MANY times has the "PUB" applied for an increase in "patrons"
How many times has it been knocked back?
HOW MANY "VENUES" (BARS) within 300metres have also either had/ or asked for an increase of "patrons" within the last 5 years???

PLEASE contribute your objections.

From Robert Lee to local councillor Mi-Lin Chen Yi Mei


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Planning Application for 57-61 Swan St Richmond VIC 3121

Description: Amendment to condition 4 to extend the hours of operation of the beer garden to 3am and amendment to condition 5 to allow an increase in patron numbers from 750 to 1300

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