Planning application at 57 Henry Street Penrith NSW 2750

Gary Rockliff sent a message to Ross Fowler.

Ross Fowler
Gary Rockliff
Planning application at 57 Henry Street Penrith NSW 2750
March 29, 2017, 11:17 a.m.

I believe everyone has the right to an education in this great country of ours but not at the expense of destroying the 150 year old history of Penrith Public School.

If the walls of Penrith Public School could speak we would learn a lot about our own history and the value that History plays in forming our futures.

There is also the fact that this building is over 150 years old and on crown land and would be absolutely forbidden if it were to be sold in a Arab country.

Yes we have to respect peoples rights not only in the present but in the past as well

I reject the building of anything on this site.

From Gary Rockliff to local councillor Ross Fowler


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Planning Application for 57 Henry Street Penrith NSW 2750

Description: Use of an Existing Building and Fitout as an Educational Establishment

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