Planning application at 5861 Mount Lindesay Highway Woodhill QLD 4285

Jocelynne Berry sent a message to Trevina Schwarz.

Trevina Schwarz
Jocelynne Berry
Planning application at 5861 Mount Lindesay Highway Woodhill QLD 4285
Oct. 29, 2017, 8:35 p.m.
The roads are too busy. This section on the highway is notoriously dangerous , and the access at Mahoney Road has already had fatalities. More people on the road here is more danger for not only the new people but the existing community that lives here .

More importantly The environmental considerations should be taken into account . This land is part of a high risk area for endangered and vulnerable local flora and fauna. There has already been material environmental harm caused in this area by parties conducting unlawful clearing , and this should be resolved before future development is allowed by council.

I am not keen to see my rural way of life turned into an urban community.

No thank you !

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From Jocelynne Berry to local councillor Trevina Schwarz


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Planning Application for 5861 Mount Lindesay Highway Woodhill QLD 4285

Description: 2 into 81 lots (80 Lots & 1 Balance Lot)

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