Planning application at 60-88 Cremorne St Cremorne VIC 3121

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James Searle
Gary Shadforth
Planning application at 60-88 Cremorne St Cremorne VIC 3121
Aug. 12, 2017, 9:01 a.m.
This is a significant site and I don't seem to be able to see the proposed plans anywhere.
Is council ensuring that the opportunity for much needed public open space in the Cremorne area is being addressed? I assume that there must be a reasonable amount in the kitty from contributions to CoY, from the increasing number of developments in the area for exactly this purpose?

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Planning Application for 60-88 Cremorne St Cremorne VIC 3121

Description: Use and development of the land for the construction of two buildings (two and seven storeys in height with a roof terrace and two basement levels) for the purposes of three (3) food and drinks premises (7am to 7pm, seven days per week), an indoor recreat

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James Searle
Aug. 14, 2017, 2:54 a.m.
Hi Gary, thanks for reaching out.

I've just had a look online and you can find the plans and associated documents for this application here: This application has only just recently commenced advertising so I encourage you to make a submission. You can do so on the same webpage that the plans are provided on.

We absolutely need more public open space in Cremorne, and developments of this nature need to either provide open space as part of the development or cash in lieu of a land contribution. I have only had a quick look at the plans on this application but I note that there is mention of open space (urban parklets etc). I'd be keen to hear your thoughts on what they've proposed once you've had a read, feel free to give me a call to discuss on 0427 121 310.

Kind regards James

James Searle

Melba Ward Councillor
City of Yarra
m: 0427 121 310