Planning application at 62 Legges Crescent Prospect TAS 7250

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Danny Gibson
Melissa Martain
Planning application at 62 Legges Crescent Prospect TAS 7250
Sept. 22, 2018, 12:36 p.m.
We have nothing we were promised when we purchased our block. No playground in the park. No standard trees on nature strip. Certain street lamps. We were told only a few limited high market units clusters for retirees. We were also told and shown artists impressions of the street scape and told all homes would be of a similar value and size. This is a chaotic subdivision. Ppl that purchased were mislead. There has not been equality in the approval process. We have difficulties getting out of our drive. We have no line of sight and are at times blocked in. I have to walk the pram on the road as many residents park over the footpath. Why hasn't council enforced visitor parking for every unit and enough residential parking. Why have they allowed units to cut extra driveways. It is such a messy disorganized subdivision which should have been up something like mount Pleasant estate. The same draftsman has copied and pasted his designs from one block to the next. Right now as I type there are six cars parked across the street frontage of 62 and 64 legges. This is not what we paid for.

From Melissa Martain to local councillor Danny Gibson


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Planning Application for 62 Legges Crescent Prospect TAS 7250

Description: Residential - construction of two dwellings

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