Planning application at 622 Karrabin Rosewood Road Walloon QLD 4306

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David Pahlke
jamie Rattray
Planning application at 622 Karrabin Rosewood Road Walloon QLD 4306
July 10, 2016, 12:37 a.m.
To whom it may concern,

Is has come to my attention that there has been no safety notice issued nor information disclosed as to what impact the waste water treatment facility will have to the local environment including nearby properties,the Primary school & public park in close proximity. Also to my knowledge no notice has been delivered to the local residents highlighting any potential smell which could also impact the area.

After reading the displayed sign which i must question as this is registered to 622 Karrabin Rosewood Road, however the application sign is quite well concealed on Rohl road, this would indicate the developer is trying to hide this from the public.

I would appreciate you proving a full copy of the development proposal by email to myself including the safety / environmental impact information to

Jamie Rattray
Local Resident of the Walloon area

From jamie Rattray to local councillor David Pahlke


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Planning Application for 622 Karrabin Rosewood Road Walloon QLD 4306

Description: Major Utility - Temporary Sewerage Treatment Plant

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Best wishes,

David Pahlke
July 10, 2016, 1:41 a.m.
Jamie what is your home and mobile number pls
I will call u
Cr David P