Planning application at 622 Karrabin Rosewood Road Walloon QLD 4306

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David Pahlke
Leah Corbyn
Planning application at 622 Karrabin Rosewood Road Walloon QLD 4306
July 10, 2016, 9:40 p.m.
To Whom it May Concern

I reside at one of the 4 properties that are closest to 622 Karrabin-Rosewood Rd. I am extremely interested to find out how this will impact my family. I would like to know how this smell will impact us, as well as having a waste water treatment facility so close to the end of the driveway will affect the value of our property. Can you also explain the impact on the environment and local housing if the area floods? We have not been notified of any potential impact this may have on us. I find it disconcerting that the application sign is not being displayed at Karrabin-Rosewood Rd, there appears to be no transparency to the current local residents.

I would appreciate a prompt response forwarded to

Kind Regards

Leah Corbyn

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Planning Application for 622 Karrabin Rosewood Road Walloon QLD 4306

Description: Major Utility - Temporary Sewerage Treatment Plant

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