Planning application at 641 King Street St Peters NSW 2044

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Max Phillips
selwyn assaf
Planning application at 641 King Street St Peters NSW 2044
June 9, 2016, 3:08 a.m.
I am for this development as for years that area has been a type of no go area especially all that graffitti pretence to be art encouraging teenagers into antisocial behaviour. The warehouses were a bastion for roughneck behaviour at night

Please do this development to tidy up this area for liveability and some retail activity near the park.

From selwyn assaf to local councillor Max Phillips


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Planning Application for 641 King Street St Peters NSW 2044

Description: To demolish the existing warehouse and commercial shops, consolidate 8 lots into 1 site and construct an 8 storey mixed use development comprising ground floor commercial tenancies, 66 residential apartments with basement car parking and associated landscaping and public domain works and subdivision

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