Planning application at 66 Boardman Road, Kippa-ring QLD 4021

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James Houghton
Michael Smallsman
Planning application at 66 Boardman Road, Kippa-ring QLD 4021
March 14, 2019, 8:04 a.m.
I wish to record my objection to the construction and placement of a billboard as proposed on Boardman Road on or adjacent to the Fire & Rescue Station.

Such a decision may cause an accident in the future when an emergency arises which requires the prompt action of the fire services, as there will be a conflict of attention between the billboard and the strobe lighting etc of an emergency vehicle. It would appear irresponsible to me to place a distraction adjacent to an emergency service.

When an emergency arises, you want as little distraction as possible to impede the progress of a vehicle leaving the site. This need is in direct competition with the placing of a billboard in a position to maximise its visibility and effectiveness.

If you move the billboard further down Boardman Road, you will be making what is now a visually appealing grove of trees, into an eyesore.

Surely the very fact that Klingner (now two lanes each way) was upgraded to increase road traffic and make Boardman (reducing to a single lane where the billboard is proposed), therefore a lower priority road would, suggest that Klingner is a better site for such a billboard.

From Michael Smallsman to local councillor James Houghton


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Planning Application for 66 Boardman Road, Kippa-ring QLD 4021

Description: Operational Works - Development Permit for Advertising Device

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