Planning application at 66 Grandview Avenue, Pascoe Vale South VIC 3044

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Oscar Yildiz
Alex L
Planning application at 66 Grandview Avenue, Pascoe Vale South VIC 3044
Feb. 23, 2018, 10:39 a.m.
There are 2 reasons why we are objecting to the development -
1/ There is already considerable traffic on Grandview Ave due to Antonine College being a few houses away. The school teachers/parents/visitors park all along the street making it very difficult to drive down the street. The width of the street is not conductive to high traffic with cars parked on either side.
There has been a increase in accidents in the street recently, one that nearly hit a child.
Car mirrors are regularly hit as cars are trying to drive through the street.
On any given day or evening the street parking is nearly full. I regularly have visitors complaining that they had to park a block away.
It would be extremely negligent to further increase the need for people to park on the street and add to this congestion for 1 person's financial gain.
2/ The construction of 2 townhouses on this block, which is not a corner block would set precedence to build high density dwellings. This will alter the street scape considerably and decrease house prices.
These dwellings should have provisions for parking make within their house block.

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Planning Application for 66 Grandview Avenue, Pascoe Vale South VIC 3044

Description: Construction of two double storey dwellings and a reduction in the car parking requirement

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Oscar Yildiz
Feb. 28, 2018, 7:45 a.m.
Hi Alex,

Thank you for your email. Rest assured I will definitely voice your concerns with the officers and Councillors. I will advocate and relay your comments and do whatever I can to ensure your concerns are raised. I agree with you comments and I too have issues in my own street in Pascoe Vale South.

My only issue is, if the application meets the state government guidelines there isn't much I can do except voice your concerns and that of mine.

Once again I appreciate your email and empathise with you.


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