Planning application at 68 A Wellington Street Kew VIC 3101

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Terry Dear
Planning application at 68 A Wellington Street Kew VIC 3101
April 18, 2019, 12:06 a.m.
Kerry, Mae, Bob etc
The Boroondara Council does it's best to protect heritage buildings and try to maintain its heritage strategy but this has been taken out of its hands by VCAT. A few years back a landmark decision was taken at VCAT to demolish a house on the corner of Burke and Canterbury Rd even though it was the subject of a heritage overlay.
VCAT is 110% pro-development, making it clear that every building is on a potential development site. Overlay or listing is no protection. The council fought tenaciously, taking the matter to the Supreme Court twice - but the matter was referred back to VCAT who immediately found in the developers favour.
VCAT is the problem here and if you want to make a change talk to your local state govt member.
The State Govt isn't interested in changing VCAT as it supports its growth strategy and acts at an arms length from govt - conveniently!
So it's a very unsatisfactory system and one that is destroying our inner suburbs at a rapid pace.

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Planning Application for 68 A Wellington Street Kew VIC 3101

Description: Post Request(S72) Demolition of an existing dwelling and boundary fencing and construction of two (2) dwellings on a lot within a Heritage Overlay.

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