Planning application at 71-77 Unwin Road, Redland Bay, QLD

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Lance Hewlett
Lynn Adams
Planning application at 71-77 Unwin Road, Redland Bay, QLD
June 15, 2016, 1:57 a.m.
I strongly object to APS000497 which includes provision for lots as small as 301-450 sq. m. with no Public Recreational Areas. The Redlands has ample land on which to build and for many social reasons, I believe anything less than 500 sq. m should never be considered.
I also object to Council releasing information to the Public AFTER work has been done started on the land in question. Obviously the decision to approve the 'One lot into 22 lots' was made without public consultation. We only find out after the damage has been done.

From Lynn Adams to local councillor Lance Hewlett


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Planning Application for 71-77 Unwin Road, Redland Bay, QLD

Description: Standard Format 10 Lots

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