Planning application at 73 The Cove Rd Marino

Bob McGivern sent a message to Janet Byram.

Janet Byram
Bob McGivern
Planning application at 73 The Cove Rd Marino
May 19, 2018, 6:08 a.m.
Janet, I understand a recent confidential decision from Marion Council APPROVED a revised application for 73 Cove Road (18 April 2018). The Council blocked any resident from reviewing this application and being party to the internal decision making of the Council.

Following a later direction from Judge Cole (10th MAY 2018) for the confidential papers from this meeting to be released to the residents, I understand this revised application has NO REAL DIFFERENCE to that which you rejected on the 6th Sept 2017 panel - the only external change is a reduction of 4m2.

During the 6th Sept panel the residents' minutes (sent to Council next day)record you stating:
- "concern with the size and fill without consideration for the repercussion"
- "concern over the amenity of the design"
- "concern with the bulk and scale"

Given your rejection on the 6th Sept, I would appreciate your view on why you appear to have changed your mind.

Bob McGivern

From Bob McGivern to local councillor Janet Byram


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Planning Application for 73 The Cove Rd Marino

Description: Detached Dwelling Two Storey Garage, Retaining Wall & Fencing

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