Planning application at 75 Castle St South Plympton

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Kris Hanna
Kym Beard
Planning application at 75 Castle St South Plympton
Sept. 22, 2016, 1:59 a.m.
I totally agree with Jennifers comments in regards to no on street parking at all times, 241 bus root, heavy traffic, T Junction, etc. This is becoming a big concern for all the new land divisions (1 into 3) along Chitral Tce, Towers Tce and Castle St where the 241 bus runs. Please address the development guidelines appropriately for this area as it isn't as straight forward as a back street with a lot less traffic would be.

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Planning Application for 75 Castle St South Plympton

Description: Land Division Residential Torrens Title - 1 into 3 allotments

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