Planning application at 78 Chelsea Road, Chelsea, VIC

Leigh Sabatino sent a message to David Eden.

David Eden
Leigh Sabatino
Planning application at 78 Chelsea Road, Chelsea, VIC
Aug. 25, 2016, 2:58 a.m.
David, am I also welcome to contact you?


Today our lifestyle dream has been shattered. Our private open space will be taken away, our sunlight will be gone and the feeling of living in an open environment also gone. Had I wanted this lifestyle I would have spent my life paying off a property in Inner city but we bought the large block in Chelsea to expand our family. It's disgusting that duplex are being allowed. What can I do?

From Leigh Sabatino to local councillor David Eden


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Planning Application for 78 Chelsea Road, Chelsea, VIC

Description: Develop the land for the construction of four (4) Dwellings

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