Planning application at 79 - 81 Thomas St South Plympton

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Kris Hanna
Jennifer Vincent
Planning application at 79 - 81 Thomas St South Plympton
Nov. 8, 2017, 12:37 p.m.
These sites are on the other side of the school crossing. Parking along the street on both sides I presume is there for parents to pick up and drop off their vulnerable children.
So if council allows these buildings, what about the parking. Most of the small box like new builds have up to 3 or more cars associated with them. Even the small homes that look like garages the same. And the majority of houses in this area are single storey.
My query is having this sort of property so close to the crossing (which has the lights etc). What will happen to the children, the parent's cars etc. There are cars much of the day on and off which are associated with the school - where will they go? Security of children etc is big these days so people don't want to walk or park too far away.

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Planning Application for 79 - 81 Thomas St South Plympton

Description: Group Dwelling Two Storeys and Semi Detached Dwelling Two Storey & Garages

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