Planning application at 79 West Street, Hadfield VIC 3046

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Oscar Yildiz
Planning application at 79 West Street, Hadfield VIC 3046
Oct. 2, 2018, 1:05 p.m.
Really ? More congestion and more traffic and parking problems ? This needs to stop ! These developers are really pushing it too much now ! I say no to developers at the moment until we the people of this area say you can, and that will be never ! We have had enouth of our voices not being heard ! Once we build enough support we will take these developers head on , Moreland council as well , and also v-cat and the state government !

From Vince to local councillor Oscar Yildiz


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Planning Application for 79 West Street, Hadfield VIC 3046

Description: Construction of ten triple storey dwellings including three with roof terraces

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