Planning application at 8 Warners Avenue North Bondi NSW 2026

Jonathan Rosenblitt sent a message to Miriam Guttman-Jones.

Miriam Guttman-Jones
Jonathan Rosenblitt
Planning application at 8 Warners Avenue North Bondi NSW 2026
Oct. 8, 2016, 9:45 a.m.
The building was originally approved and constructed as 2 floors. If they go up an extra floor it will set a precedent and have a domino effect, and all adjacent buildings and streets will also want to add an extra floor.
What provision are they making for providing extra off street parking. Are they going to excavate more parking under the current building. There is already not enough on street parking. The middle verge is parkland and not available for parking. The RMS wants to remove bus stops in the area so buses are not an option for transport and their is no train.
I object to this Development.

From Jonathan Rosenblitt to local councillor Miriam Guttman-Jones


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Planning Application for 8 Warners Avenue North Bondi NSW 2026

Description: Construction of third storey to existing two storey residential flat building

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