Planning application at 8 Yarrara Road, Pymble, NSW

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Planning application at 8 Yarrara Road, Pymble, NSW
Jan. 27, 2017, 3:42 p.m.

The proposed child care centre breaches noise guidelines on all boundaries and will affect houses on Livingstone avenue, such as 131, 129, 125.

The ambient background noise should be 36dB(A), or even lower, as per table 3-7, page 19. Not 41dB(A), which was measured at the front of 8 Yarrara Road.

The predicted noise levels on all adjoining properties breaches the 36dB(A) + 5dB(A) by a significant amount.

The AAAC October 2013 guidelines state:
"The noise logger should be located to measure the background noise at the most affected residential receiver location. If this location is not possible, the acoustical consultant shall select another suitable and equivalent location".

The logger was placed at the front of the property, closest to the main road. It was not placed at the rear of the property, where the existing residents will be most badly affected. The noise levels would have been boosted by the buses and cars, which are not prevalent noises at the rear of the properties.

A more suitable location would be on the rear boundary of the property. The acoustic consultant is 'paid' to by the applicant and seems to have been very accommodating with the numbers and calculations. His other reports seem to have similar favourable data recording locations...

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Planning Application for 8 Yarrara Road, Pymble, NSW

Description: Demolition of existing dwelling & construction of a childcare centre for 57 children with basement car park

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