Planning application at 83-89 Coventry Street Southbank VIC 3006

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Jackie Watts
Joanna Tayler
Planning application at 83-89 Coventry Street Southbank VIC 3006
June 27, 2017, 3:17 a.m.
When I bought my apartment at 65 Coventry Street last year the mortgage broker said they very carefully scrutinise at any mortgage application for this part of the the Southbank area, especially Dorcas Street, because there is a GLUT of apartments and they do not think most apartments in this area will hold their value.
I don't understand why permits are being given for new apartment buildings when there is already a glut - you can see from reviewing the real estate ads over time that owners are having difficulty reselling apartments in this area.
I was also informed at the time of purchase that the area from Coventry towards Southbank Blvd had been designated as 'the village' for its low-rise development and that there were restrictions on building high-rise buildings in this area.
Unfortunately now it appears that approvals are being given to 20-storey buildings on Coventry street willy nilly, with one approved at #25-27 and one under construction at #31 and an application for the space between. OK these are all side by side and you've approved a block of tall buildings on that section...
But please, please reject the application for 83-89 Coventry Street as it will stick up like a sore thumb on that corner, ruining the lower-rise streetscape on the two blocks from Wells to Sturt St and overlooking residents all around, impacting their privacy and their views.
Leave the tall buildings on Dorcas and leave Coventry alone please!

From Joanna Tayler to local councillor Jackie Watts


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Planning Application for 83-89 Coventry Street Southbank VIC 3006

Description: Proposed 20 storey residential apartment building with ground level retail and basement carparking

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