Planning application at 84 - 122 Taylor Road, Thornlands QLD 4164

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Julie Talty
Jody Cunningham
Planning application at 84 - 122 Taylor Road, Thornlands QLD 4164
July 3, 2017, 8:04 a.m.
I would like to strongly object to this proposed development on 84-122 Taylor Road.

I live on Woodlands Drive and moved to this area zoned Rural Non-Urban to escape urban density and to help encourage wildlife. There is a large number of marsupial wildlife that currently inhabit where this development is proposed that will be displaced.

If the land here can be re-zoned for one persons financial gains what is to stop other local land-owners from doing the same? This beautiful pocket of rural land in the Redlands will be transformed into the ever more prevalent urban congestion we see so much of in Brisbane.

Taylor Road is not designed to handle all the extra traffic that this development would bring. How many more vehicles will now compete with wildlife on the road?

This proposal is totally against the current rural dwelling culture that so many of us have moved here to enjoy. Why should our lifestyles be shattered so one person can line their pockets? Rural Non-Urban zoning means exactly that.

From Jody Cunningham to local councillor Julie Talty


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Planning Application for 84 - 122 Taylor Road, Thornlands QLD 4164

Description: Reconfiguration of a Lot - 1 lot into 29 lots and proposed new road

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