Planning application at 87 Maling Road Canterbury VIC 3126

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Jane Addis
Philippa Lucas
Planning application at 87 Maling Road Canterbury VIC 3126
July 22, 2017, 9:29 p.m.
There is already significant congestion on Maling Rd due to shoppers looking for parking spaces. Reducing the provision of parking by new developments will increase pollution and traffic congestion.

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Planning Application for 87 Maling Road Canterbury VIC 3126

Description: Post RequestDemolition of an existing building and construction of buildings and works for a four storey building over a basement car park for 42 dwellings in a heritage overlay and reduce the standard car parking requirement (residential visitor).

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Jane Addis
July 26, 2017, 4:17 a.m.
Hello Philippa
I refer to your email via Planning Alerts regarding the property at the above address.

Please be advised that Council refused a planning application to develop the site for a four storey building comprising restaurants and apartments in February 2014. The application attracted over 700 objections. One of the major concerns raised by Council and the objectors related to the impact on car parking in the area. The applicant appealed this decision to VCAT and following a seven day hearing which involved expert evidence being called by Council, the objectors and the applicant, a decision was made by VCAT to allow the appeal, based on plans for a three storey building. Although Council was not happy with the result, it was at least a better outcome than had been initially proposed.

The latest post in Planning Alerts simply notes the submission of an environmental audit for the site, which was required by a condition of the permit, rather than being a new application. Unfortunately Planning Alerts picks up everything recorded in Council's planning register, including information required post the issue of a permit, rather than just new applications.

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