Planning application at 9 Lugar Street Bronte NSW 2024

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Paula Masselos
virginia milson
Planning application at 9 Lugar Street Bronte NSW 2024
Aug. 4, 2017, 7:25 a.m.
I agree that the proposed demolition of 3 houses over 100 years old in Lugar St.Bronte is appalling.And it just shows what can happen to our heritage with the recent legislation passed by the State government. This situation begs the question as to why these charming houses have not been heritage listed and how much more will we lose before the government & the Council put greater support behind our heritage ? If houses over 100 years old can be removed without proper consideration what else could our suburbs lose ?

From virginia milson to local councillor Paula Masselos


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Planning Application for 9 Lugar Street Bronte NSW 2024

Description: Private - Demolition of existing dwelling and associated ancillary

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