Planning application at 93-97 Webb St Fitzroy VIC 3065

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Mike McEvoy
Anthony Wallace
Planning application at 93-97 Webb St Fitzroy VIC 3065
Nov. 28, 2018, 2:59 p.m.
I would like to profusely object to the planned development of the site 93-97 Webb street Fitzroy, as proposed by the private developer in their application to the City of Yarra (reference PLN17/1061).

This will be a monstrosity of a building in what VCAT (unlike our elected members of Council who do the right thing and object to plans that the community overwhelmingly oppose) is likely to hear an appeal of.

7 storeys is a ludicrous height of a development in what is 90% single storey heritage listed residential homes.

I am personally traumatised by the impact this will have directly on my business. I am the founded and operator of The 86 Cabaret Bar at 185 Smith street Fitzroy, which is a safe space for the diverse LGBTI community as well as for cabaret performers, for musicians, dancers and comedians, and is the only small cocktail bar in this area of Smith street that caters to the late night clientele (1am-3am)

After going through 7 years of objections to the development which VCAT gave the go ahead of, known as the Coles Development site directly in front of THE 86, where the internal of our venue was constantly covered in dust and such damaged machinery and defected fixtures and fittings from the months of digging. Then there was the evening street ambience that has been destroyed entirely by Coles demand for 24 hour bright white fluorescent lighting which erodes the ambience we set to. Then there were the dreaded noise complaints once tenants started to move in. Double Glazed they said! They wont hear a thing they said!

This development would be a greater impact on our venue due to its proximity being less than 4 metres and effects how our business would operate and if it lead to a change or closure of our operations would be detrimental to thousands of local people who gather at The 86 for a variety of fringe entertainment and offerings every month.

There is no way any developer can curtail the objections of their buyers to what will be the sounds of live performance and music which in the past decade has started to rebuild Yarra's damaged arts and entertainment precinct of the once thriving Smith street. This development would go about limiting access for our delivery trucks to access the rear of our building, our rehearsal band and dance studio spaces which are used throughout the day via this rear access and most of all our live shows and music and whole entertainment work of The 86 would be reduced to only presenting works that can be done quietly with sound levels simile heard in seniors nursing care facilities.

This development as proposed by the applicant must be rejected and encouragement for such to go back and consult the community, the existing occupants and work with us so we can continue to inhabit the area as we have always done, the fibre and fabric of the area is not grossly affected and existing households are not deprived the sunshine they have lived under. Some for more than the past 50 years.

I note: At no point has anyone from the developers office issued a letter of introduction, advised of their planning intent directly or made a personal effort to understand what we do and how we go about doing such. A reminder of how little concern the multi million dollar monstrosity makers have for us ground feeders.

VCAT you must see that this adds nothing to the community, will take away much of the social energy of this area of Smith street and in turn only end up lining the pockets of a handful of greedy developers.

From Anthony Wallace to local councillor Mike McEvoy


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Planning Application for 93-97 Webb St Fitzroy VIC 3065

Description: 25 new dwellings, change of use, part demolition, reduction in car parking

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