Planning application at 94 Nicholson Street, Brunswick East VIC 3057

Matthew Wilkinson sent a message to Natalie Abboud.

Natalie Abboud
Matthew Wilkinson
Planning application at 94 Nicholson Street, Brunswick East VIC 3057
Nov. 5, 2017, 6:23 a.m.
as owner of Pope Joan business at 79 nicholson street brunswick east that has been severly affected by buildings all along Nicholson street due to development i suggest two things to help locals and business' in the area.

1- all tradies mist have a parking allocated area that does not affect existing business and residents like the ridiculous scenario i have had to endure
2 - road sweepers are sent out daily to remove excess dirt created by building work around the boundary area

i am a local, i hear the voices of my community and i am sure if these two ideas are put into place it will make for a smoother transition into the high building community brunswick east is turning into.

Matthew Wilkinson
Owner Pope Joan
77-79 Nicholson street brunswick east
03 93888858

From Matthew Wilkinson to local councillor Natalie Abboud


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Planning Application for 94 Nicholson Street, Brunswick East VIC 3057

Description: Construction of a five storey building comprising of 102 dwellings and a reduction in the standard rate of car parking

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Natalie Abboud
Nov. 5, 2017, 6:36 a.m.
Thanks Matt.

I will forward your email to the group manger for planning.

If you get a sec can you outline what the impacts have been(on your business) so we can have the back story?

Do you mean that because the street is full of tradies your customers have nowhere to park or are there other implications?

Cr Natalie Abboud
North East Ward, Moreland City Council.
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