Planning application at 96 Great Western Highway Kingswood NSW 2747

Troy sent a message to Karen McKeown.

Karen McKeown
Planning application at 96 Great Western Highway Kingswood NSW 2747
July 14, 2016, 4:30 a.m.
• Shadow diagram does not adequately provide information for adjoining residents; neighboring residents need an overlay on their properties to demonstrate the exact impact of shadowing.
• No mention in any documents including waste management report on asbestos, there is large amounts of asbestos within the houses and sheds. Nearby residents should expect a clear and appropriate listing of asbestos removal.
• The street view of the development would not be very appealing given the aspect and repetitive position of buildings.
• Parking will overflow onto streets due to the ‘stacked’ parking arrangements to all townhouses.

Flood report
• No mention is made of blockage considered in the modeling, either in the report or the appendices. As a minimum they should have undertaken sensitivity of the culverts to blockage.
• The data used within the WELL Hydrology study is dated from 1991, and local residents can confirm this does not represent the true amount of flooding and severity in the area.
• The flood impact assessment for the proposed development simply analyses the WELL Hydrology report.
• Contrary to the flood report, the proposed development will be impacted by flood water more often than 1 in 100 year flood. Flooding occurs annually and as more urban development occurs this area will incur more frequent and severe flooding.

From Troy to local councillor Karen McKeown


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Planning Application for 96 Great Western Highway Kingswood NSW 2747

Description: Demolition of Existing Structures and Construction of 20 x Two Storey Townhouses and Associated Parking, Landscaping and Civil Works

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