Planning application at 97 Fulton Road, Mount Eliza , VIC

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Bev Colomb
Claire Hughes
Planning application at 97 Fulton Road, Mount Eliza , VIC
Nov. 1, 2018, 5:49 a.m.
Hello, are 10 properties really necessary? I can understand 1/2/3 properties but 10 is absurd.
97 Fulton Rd is in the Woodlands area. The name defines it, enjoying residential living amongst native woodland. Please think about preservation before $'s. Thank you.

From Claire Hughes to local councillor Bev Colomb


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Planning Application for 97 Fulton Road, Mount Eliza , VIC

Description: Subdivide the land into 10 lots, vegetation removal and asociated works generaly in acordance with the submited plans

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