Planning application at Darling Range Tavern 49 Great Eastern Highway Bellevue WA 6056

Jess Chambers sent a message to Catherine Ann McCullough.

Catherine Ann McCullough
Jess Chambers
Planning application at Darling Range Tavern 49 Great Eastern Highway Bellevue WA 6056
Oct. 19, 2016, 5:19 a.m.
Please do not allow this building to be demolished only to build another service station. As a heritage building it seems ludicrous to demolish it before considering restoration of the building, particularly as there are already six different service stations very close to this site, and another one being built right next to Bunnings, also on Great Eastern Highway. I actually live on Blackburn Street and I can say with absolute conviction that we definitely do not need more service stations; anyone in the Midland area can probably find one on their doorstep at this rate. For example, anyone wanting to get fuel can easily do so at the BP on Great Eastern Highway approximately 100m away, or even at the Caltex 200m away. Another service station is hugely unnecessary.

In addition, the residential area surrounding the Darling Range Hotel is an area with only two entry points, which are already fairly congested, and the intersection of Great Eastern Highway and Horace street is the only way for residents to exit right to travel up the hill. Adding a service station will introduce a lot of traffic to this area and make it extremely difficult for residents to use the Great Eastern Highway & Horace Street intersection, especially at peak hours.

I feel that with the City of Swan's aims to redevelop Midland, keeping (or even restoring) the Darling Range Hotel promotes a unique identity that could be otherwise lost. The Midland area has a rich history that this hotel is notably part of, and removing it would be a waste. The City of Swan has proven itself to be more than capable of restoring historic places in Midland, so why not go for this option and let Midland be remembered for its many historic areas rather than somewhere with a service station on every corner?

From Jess Chambers to local councillor Catherine Ann McCullough


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Planning Application for Darling Range Tavern 49 Great Eastern Highway Bellevue WA 6056

Description: Service Station & Associated Signage

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Catherine Ann McCullough
Oct. 19, 2016, 5:58 a.m.
Hi Jess,

Am following this up with other Councillors also...


Cate McCullough

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