Planning application at Forestdale Shopping Centre 1-13 Forestdale Drive Forestdale QLD 4118

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Laurie Smith
Jocelyn Marentis
Planning application at Forestdale Shopping Centre 1-13 Forestdale Drive Forestdale QLD 4118
March 17, 2019, 9:41 a.m.
Good evening Councillor,
This is very disappointing to see this application for change of use for this property. On Monday 05 June 2017, the owner of the property advised residents at a NHW meeting that there would be six shops at the shopping village when renovations were completed including an outdoor alfresco area. Since this time, all tenants excluding one have vacated the premises due to inflated rental prices, beyond reasonable even with the renovations and new fascade of the property and other personal reasons.
Upon many verbal discussions with the owner of the property, he has assured the community that he was very keen to rebuild the shopping village and wanted to be an integral component of the community and work with everyone. However, as advised by many, the owner has failed to return phone calls, emails and other correspondence pertaining to the letting of shops for vendors. He has also failed to return calls, follow through on verbal commitments for community support and has made it very clear that the community and the value that he claimed to hold for Forestdale, is no longer present.
The child care centre itself was of concern to many in the area when it was first planned, however, the community has now supported and welcomed the centre and has invited them to be involved on a number of occasions with community events and meetings, with attendance only once since opening at a community event.
To reaffirm, I find it very disappointing to see that the owner has failed to consult the community at all on this planned change to our vital community hub and has somewhat attempted to blindside the community through this application.
I believe, alongside many others, that this application should be denied in line with the fact that there have been willing tenants for shops at the premises, however, the owner obviously has other plans for the centre and therefore, has neglected to fulfil requests for these tenants to obtain leases.
We would welcome any information to be shared with the community about this further through the NHW which is an integral part of the community and can be contacted at
Kind Regards,
Jocelyn Marentis
Area Coordinator
Forestdale Neighbourhood Watch Inc.

From Jocelyn Marentis to local councillor Laurie Smith


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Planning Application for Forestdale Shopping Centre 1-13 Forestdale Drive Forestdale QLD 4118

Description: Change of Use - Childcare Building & Office

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