Planning application at Forestdale Shopping Centre 1-13 Forestdale Drive Forestdale QLD 4118

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Laurie Smith
Louisa Sonego
Planning application at Forestdale Shopping Centre 1-13 Forestdale Drive Forestdale QLD 4118
March 19, 2019, 7:12 a.m.
Why would council approve this when the current day care centre isn't at capacity? Very sad to know the landlord had every intention of closing those business's just for pure greed.

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Planning Application for Forestdale Shopping Centre 1-13 Forestdale Drive Forestdale QLD 4118

Description: Change of Use - Childcare Building & Office

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Laurie Smith
March 20, 2019, 4:30 a.m.
Hi Louisa.
I don’t disagree with you personally I believe we were fed some porky pies , I was disappointed when the officers informed me that we as council due to it being previously approved were no longer involved with alterations or changes of use as that fell under building certifiers.
please see the response / information I had sent to the Bush telegraph and Jocelyn for inclusion onto our Facebook page

Like you, it was a sense of loss when our convenience shop and other small businesses closed and left our community, how great was it to drop in, grab a hot chook, chips and gravy on a busy week night, or on a lazy Sunday morning a fresh hot loaf of bread and croissants (if you were in early enough) grab a good coffee on the way to work ,or for some, shed a few kilos in the gym..
As we know a business that had no prior connection to our community purchased the complex and have established a child care centre which is what their business delivers.
Fortunately our local hairdresser continues to serve its long established customer base.
Gone was our ability to drop in for a quick chat with owners and staff who knew our names and provided jobs for our young ones looking to earn a bit of extra dollars.

Below is the response I received from councils Development /Planning section based on my request for further information in relation to what the owner has to comply with or is restricted to in relation to the extension of the centre.
It is important to note there is no development application as such and in fact is classed as a self-assessable material change of use which only needs a building certifier to approve,
Council has no ability to refuse the proposed change of use.

Child Care Centre at 1-13 Forestdale Drive

* There is an existing development approval for a Child Care Centre at 1-13 Forestdale Drive Forestdale.
* This development approval was issued on 28 September 2016 and approved a Child Care Centre in the southern portion of the Shopping centre site with a capacity for 50 children.
* This development application was Code Assessable under the Logan Planning Scheme 2015 (meaning no public notification is required), as a Child Care Centre is an intended use that’s allowed in the Neighbourhood Centre zoning that applies to the shopping centre site. A development application was only required as the proposal included a new building area.
* Details of the development application and approval are available on Council’s website - below is a link to the application materials:-

Current extension

* It is important to note that no development application is required for the current extension.
* The information on the planning alerts website relates to a building application by a private building certifier ( reference BW-1804/2019). This is a building application under the Building Act 1975 and National Construction Code (formerly known as the Building Code of Australia). There is no development application or development approval for the extension.
* A Child Care Centre is Accepted Development (meaning no development application is required) in the Neighbourhood Centre zoning that applies to the shopping centre site, if it involves the use existing buildings.
As the Child Care Centre extension will be occurring in the existing shopping centre building, no development application will be required provided the applicant complies with the relevant planning scheme requirements such as car parking

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