Planning application at Glenorie Shopping Centre, 930 Old Northern Road, Glenorie NSW 2157

Louise Taylor sent a message to Yvonne Keane.

Yvonne Keane
Louise Taylor
Planning application at Glenorie Shopping Centre, 930 Old Northern Road, Glenorie NSW 2157
Aug. 17, 2016, 6:01 a.m.
I wish to state my disapproval of this application and request you decline the DA as it currently stands, for the following reasons. Glenorie is a unique suburb that has managed to capture a lovely semi-rural atmosphere that encapsulates the ideal for family living. It is a safe suburb and most of its community have moved to this area for that very reason and are passionate about the lifestyle that most dream of. This DA will undoubtedly bring a stop to this. Currently, the congestion experienced on Post Office Road and Old Northern Road is at maximum capacity. Both roads are one lane in and out. To approve this DA of 24 units would permanently increase the traffic and roadside parking issues. The current owners of the Glenorie Bakery and Shopping Centre are unable to fill stores already in the complex. It goes against common sense to approve a DA that would increase the number of shops and apartments only to have them sit empty awaiting tenants. The area has only just had the sewer connected and many are still experiencing issues with sewer. There are also serious issues with drainage on Old Northern Road and Post Office Road. We do not have the infrastructure in the form of public transport to accommodate current homeowners, let alone potentially 50 more. The proposed building is not in keeping with the country atmosphere that Glenorie is known for. I worry about the safety of school children who catch buses just opposite the proposed DA site; not to mention the public school children already dicing with trucks on Old Northern Road and congested traffic in the mornings and afternoons on Post Office Road. I would hope that The Hills Council would value their semi-rural areas enough to think long and hard about this DA. I am not against development and progress in the right form. However, this is not the right form for our area.

From Louise Taylor to local councillor Yvonne Keane


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Planning Application for Glenorie Shopping Centre, 930 Old Northern Road, Glenorie NSW 2157

Description: A Mixed Use Development

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