Planning application at Lot 201 Mahoney Road Woodhill QLD 4285

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Trevina Schwarz
Jocelynne Berry
Planning application at Lot 201 Mahoney Road Woodhill QLD 4285
July 17, 2018, 11:09 p.m.
I am still in awe of the fact that no public opinion is registered in this process. This will impact on our way of life. Seems to me that the existing neighbors surrounding the land do not want this , and Council planning officers need to take this into consideration.

Our local environment has taken a significant hit with the loss of ecology from recent unsanctioned clearing in neighboring land, and whether our environment and wildlife can come back from that will really depend on the impact of further development in the area. Please don't make us like every other suburb - Woodhill has the name for a reason!

Environment impact surveys are undertaken by the developers and paid for by the developers, Council should commission these reports to ensure their independence.

From Jocelynne Berry to local councillor Trevina Schwarz


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Planning Application for Lot 201 Mahoney Road Woodhill QLD 4285

Description: SP296632 Standard Format Plan (1 into 16 Lots) + 1 x Balance Lot

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