Planning application at Lot 201 Mahoney Road Woodhill QLD 4285

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Trevina Schwarz
Jocelynne Berry
Planning application at Lot 201 Mahoney Road Woodhill QLD 4285
Oct. 28, 2017, 6:06 a.m.
I don't agree with this further development of the land for a number of reasons which I will outline below :
Between this and the 81 additional lots on the otherside of Mahoney road proposed last month there is insufficient road network to support it. Mahoney road itself is a dangerous enterance on an already notoriously bad spot on the MT Lindsey hwy where a number of lives have been taken in recent years.

The local schools are already at bursting point with many of the facilities unable to cope with the pressure. Parking is dangerous and buildings are full of asbestos. Our children are not safe and overcrowding an already overwhelmed small school will only create greater risk.

From what I've heard most of the community do not wish to be surrounded by urbanised development in rural areas. Just because the town plan says you can have a 4000sqm block doesn't mean you should! Rural life should mean having a pony or enjoying a dirt bike not packing in 100's of houses to serve the profitability of the development. The council amalgamation and the new town plan was thrust upon us and now our way of life is in jeopardy.

This area and surrounding locations are marked as high risk environmental areas by state government with a possibility of endangered and vulnerable species of flora and fauna. I know koalas are located in the region. I don't want to see the land for wildlife program I've worked so hard for destroyed in this way.

Not 500 metres away established building envelopes, provide to secure Conservation pathways are at risk of relaxation for an extra council fee.....

Finally and perhaps most importantly It is not right that a landowner who is being investigated for unlawful clearing and environmental harm for the sites that neighbour this land should be rewarded in this way when the previous issue remains outstanding. It is not right!

State government may make the laws but the council get to admister these decisions. Please speak for our environment and our lifestyle!

My family don't want this here leave our way of life alone !

From Jocelynne Berry to local councillor Trevina Schwarz


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Planning Application for Lot 201 Mahoney Road Woodhill QLD 4285

Description: SP296632 Standard Format Plan (1 into 16 Lots) + 1 x Balance Lot

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