Planning application at Lot 3 Easterly Street Waterford QLD 4133

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Cherie Dalley
Tina Belovic
Planning application at Lot 3 Easterly Street Waterford QLD 4133
Oct. 9, 2018, 9 a.m.
I too have significant concerns relating to the number of residential developments in and surrounding the Waterford suburb and no information was provided by the council when I questioned about what infrastructure is going to at least maintain the already limited living standards for residents in this area. There is already a significant and increasing amount of traffic congestion for example on the single lane roads. I am querying also, the lack of representation of council in our suburb and wondering if Waterford overall will be a sacrificial suburb. The whole area needs to be re-examined before further small lot development takes place.

From Tina Belovic to local councillor Cherie Dalley


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Planning Application for Lot 3 Easterly Street Waterford QLD 4133

Description: 1 Lot into 35 Lots and Drainage Reserve

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