Planning application at Lot 3 Holloway Road, Wonga Park VIC 3115

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Len Cox
Lisa R
Planning application at Lot 3 Holloway Road, Wonga Park VIC 3115
Feb. 10, 2019, 6:52 a.m.
I strongly object to the proposed development at Lot 3 Holloway Rd, Wonga Park.
My objects are on the basis of:
1. The address for this development is misleading as there is no access to this development from Holloway Rd so should not be identified as a Wonga Park postcode.
2. The location is clearly in the Chirnside Park (Chirnside Village) area so the development should be accurately labeled.
3. The additional 40+ houses would only be able to access their properties by Regency Rise or meadowbank ave. Regenct Rise already is a congested thoroughfare. It would not be able to manage an additional 80+ cars per day. This is dangerous to have that number of additional vehicles navigating moving around parked cars these are narrow streets that could not manage the additional traffic.
4. The additional traffic would significantly reduce the peaceful amenity of the area..
5. The wetlands, creek, bird life and other wild life and important green space adds to the mental wellbeing of the local residents. This development will directly impact on the residents wellbeing.

I urge the council to deny building permission for this development and retain the peaceful amenity of the Regency rise estate.
I look forward to council making the right decision

From Lisa R to local councillor Len Cox


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Planning Application for Lot 3 Holloway Road, Wonga Park VIC 3115

Description: Subdivisions, variations to restrictions/easments

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Len Cox
Feb. 11, 2019, 1:03 a.m.
Thanks Lisa, I will take your comments into account.