Planning application at Lot 9000 Bottlebrush Drive Kiara WA 6054

Elaine Whitewood sent a message to Ian Peter Johnson.

Ian Peter Johnson
Elaine Whitewood
Planning application at Lot 9000 Bottlebrush Drive Kiara WA 6054
Oct. 3, 2016, 4:52 a.m.
I strongly object to the Kiara Local Structure Plan for Lot 9000 Bottlebrush Drive, Kiara (the Plan). Below I have set out the reasons for my objection and some suggestions as to how the Plan could be modified to make it more acceptable to myself and maybe some of the other existing residents in the area.
My main objection is to the proposed road that will be one of two carrying traffic to and from the proposed high school and proposed R30 zoned housing adjacent to Chauvel Court. One road intersects with Altone Road (a Distributor A classification). The second road however is proposed to intersect with Beckworth Avenue (a Local Distributor classification). Beckworth Avenue is a quiet residential street between Altone Road and Roseheath Boulevard. This road contains significant curves and bends which already cause issues for car owners as they exit driveways. By increasing the traffic in Beckworth Avenue the safety to residents will be at risk further and the noise pollution will undoubtably increase. I would dispute the statement in section 3.4.1 of the Plan that states additional traffic generated will only have a minor effect on the operation of the road. As a resident of Beckworth Avenue I would be supportive of the Plan if the proposed road instead led out to Morley Drive East (a Distributor A classification) and not Beckworth Avenue.
This is the second time in two years where development proposals will lead to the decrease in the property value of my home. The first, was the placement of a Disability Justice Centre in Lockridge. Turning our quiet street into a main thoroughfare will be the second. The City of Swan Local Planning Scheme No. 17 (District Zoning Scheme) claims in 4.2.14 the objectives of the Residential Development Zone are to (d) take account of the need to protect the amenity and on-going use of adjacent property owners. I do not think the Plan supports that objective.
As the resident of a low density street, zoned at R20, I object to being forced to live amongst higher density affordable housing (R60/R40) without being offered any of the benefits. Surely if the intention is to generate higher density living in the suburb of Kiara the whole of the area surrounding the development site should be re-zoned to reflect that. I do not believe the Plan is aligned to the City of Swan Local Planning Scheme No. 17 (District Zoning Scheme) which states in 4.2.13 the objectives of the Residential Zone are to (b) promote a residential environment in each locality consistent with the form and density of residential development permissible in the locality.
Please send me the names and contact and submissions from the 73 objectors who opposed the Housing Authority proposal to rezone the land to ‘Urban’ under the MRS. I would also like to see the full findings of the committees set up to consider that proposal and the full WAPC rationale as to why 30% of the land could not remain as public open space and included in Bush Forever. Clearly further development of the site is intended but is not included in the Plan as it stands.

From Elaine Whitewood to local councillor Ian Peter Johnson


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Planning Application for Lot 9000 Bottlebrush Drive Kiara WA 6054

Description: Kiara Local Structure Plan

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Ian Peter Johnson
Oct. 3, 2016, 1:28 p.m.

Thanks for your email. May I ask if you have sent your objection to the City planners?

The way planning works [I guess you know this] is the state government and local Council set the overall structure plans and local area plans, and then development applications are assessed by the City planners against the plans and zoning. If a DA does not comply, and there are objections, then it is referred to Council with a report. As a Councillor I do not get involved until there is a report from the planners for me to read.

This Saturday the 8th Oct I am going on a tour of the Altone Ward with the Deputy Mayor, other Councillors and the Place Manager. I will ask to be shown the area of the DA and get a background briefing to place this in context.

Many other parts of the City of Swan are zoned for much greater density than the current built form. The impact on the lives of residents of redevelopment of their street has been a concern to me for many years (16 years in fact). At the last Council meeting I successfully moved a motion to resolve to refuse such a development in Sayer street Midland that did not comply with the local zoning.

Your local Altone Ward Councillors are Mick Wainwright (Mayor), David Lucas (Deputy Major) and David Fardig (Chairman EMRC), so you have the most senior group of Councillors to lobby. I think they have about 70 years' experience between them, whereas I have only one year in office.

I may have more to say about your email after the tour on Saturday.

Happy to answer any questions where I can.


Ian Johnson
Councillor Midland Guildford Ward
City of Swan

0411 097 393
Facebook - ianjohnson.midlandguildford

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