Planning application at Town Hall 18-28 St John Street Launceston TAS 7250

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Karina Stojansek
Lisa Walkden
Planning application at Town Hall 18-28 St John Street Launceston TAS 7250
Feb. 18, 2017, 3:22 a.m.
As a user of the civic square during events and on a week lying basis with my daughter we find it an enjoyable and amenable area.
We look forward to the area being updated and it's changed use that will make it a more enjoyable.
I wish to make a representation against the removal of mature trees. Despite an artist's impression showing the retention of the gumtrees on the north east corner of Henty House, in the plan the trees are to be removed.
The trees are healthy and shade giving, softening the brutalist design of the monolithic Henty House.
Whilst I understand the plan wanting to update the infrastructure and paving, I strongly resent that shade giving and mature plants are to be removed.
The trees on the left, front east area around the library entrance and the trees on the north east area of St Andrews Church are all slated to be removed. Trees which have all matured beautifully over many years. It is difficult to comment on the proposed design by Aspect Studios of Adelaide due to the convoluted and poor documents that are very difficult to read for a lay person as they are so complicated with many overlays of different colours and ideas.
My objection to this plan is that perfectly good seating, gardens and much-loved areas are also being removed and it's difficult to see what's being replaced.
I look forward to the public having further consultations so that we can have a better idea of what our beloved Civic square will look like in the future if the plan is continued with.

From Lisa Walkden to local councillor Karina Stojansek


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Planning Application for Town Hall 18-28 St John Street Launceston TAS 7250

Description: Passive Recreation - public park; Community Meeting and Entertainment - community activities and events; redevelopment of Civic Square involving demolition, construction of new structures and associated works, vegetation removal and plantings, external lighting and community information signs

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